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Sarah's Family Daycare

Where It All Starts With Nurturing Relationships

What People are Saying

"Thank you for sharing your childcare business and home with us yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you. It is evident that you are passionate about providing a natural, supportive and stimulating environment for the children in your care. Your experience with and awareness of child development and play based learning is evident in your program and space…Really, you are ahead of the curve…You have a lovely large space for the children both inside and out and it is a pleasure to see a provider who includes an appreciation of nature and the natural in her programming."

- Kelli Cassidy, RECE

Consultant, Natural Connections Childcare

"Sarah, your enthusiasm and care to the attention of details is very appreciated. You really try to understand the child's point of view as well as respect each child as a capable unique person. Your family is lovely and I value knowing our son is surrounded by a loving environment."

- Leah, Parent

"I like the way Sarah took the time to figure out our son's individual needs for sleeping/eating. I also really like that you kept him attached to you until he felt more comfortable."

- Anna, Parent

"Your warm, calm approach is what we wanted, but couldn't articulate."

- Justin, Parent

"Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally caring. She is patient and kind with our son and we know he does well when he is with her."

- Megan, Parent