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Sarah's Family Daycare

Where It All Starts With Nurturing Relationships

About Me

During my second maternity leave, my husband and I agreed that I was happier when I was home with the kids. Not surprising, I have always enjoyed being with kids and planning engaging activities for children. Throughout high school I was a jr. Girl Guide Leader and in university (for one year), I was leader for a Girl Guide group. I also spent seven years as a supervisor with the Ontario Ranger Program, a youth program of the Ontario Goverment, based in Killarney Provincial Park.

After I returned to work, we cancelled a camping trip with family friends and I began training with the Child Care Providers Resource Network in Ottawa (CCPRN). I spent my weekdays working for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, implementing policy and legislation, primarily with the waterpower industry in Ontario and I spent many a Saturday at the offices of the CCPRN completing training.

Shortly after, we found out we were expecting our third child; a baby girl to complete our family and be the youngest sister of our two boys.

Now I am considering the feasibility of obtaining certification in early childhood education, part-time, to acquire the credentials that substantiate my interests and ongoing committment to learning about early childhood development.

After two years in the making, I am both prepared and excited about the opportunity to support your family and becoming a partner in the care of your child(ren). Please continue to look around my website to see if I can meet the needs of your child and family, read over the enrolment procedure and contact me to arrange a tour or ask questions.

“Children learn and grow in the context of relationships. While they are very young, the most important relationships are with you and with the other adults who care for them. ” (Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs. Building a Partnership with Your Child Care Practitioner).